’cause i was filled with


                                                               but blessed with

                                             в є α υ т у and Ꮢ Ꭺ Ꮐ Ꭼ

                                                        don’t be f o o l e d,

                                                                 my dear,

                                                            lovely smiles

                                                            are the worst

                                                  when { i’m } the one to give

                                                                  it to you.

An independent rp blog for Bianca Solderini from the Vampire Chronicles

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❄  Mun is a potato so feel free to approach for plotting!

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An independent roleplay blog for the Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles fandom..

he was very gentle in her manner. She sat down and began to comb out her tousled hair. She wore no paint and her face was unmarred by our games, and her hair came down around in a glorious hood of rippling gold. Her forehead was smooth and high. —The Vampire Armand

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*coughs* I have some open rps that are still open ehe

Anything Goes || 1920’s AU || Open

The twenties was perfect, and though it did not have the same decadence as her beloved time in Venice, there was something about it that drew Bianca to it—the forbidden yet accepted thrill, the way consequences were nothing but something to worry about when one was dead. There were so many she could feed from; Evil doers were rampant in this age.

She sat on the bar stool, legs crossed as a cold drink as equally cold as her flesh brushed across her red lips, amused grey eyes watching everyone dancing on the dance floor to the sweetest tunes of jazz.

Party || Open RP

"Come one, come all and let us feast and be merry tonight on Halloween!"

Money is the Anthem of Success.

Someone go and talk to Debbie? :D

Money is the Anthem of Success.

Remember Debbie from the Addams Family Values? I made a blog for her.

It’s a sideblog though, so I can’t follow back, LOL

Okay, I’m going to get off tumblr for a while to focus on my task.

I owe Marius and Loki.

If any of you want to rp with me, just shoot me an ask so we can plot!

I’m only rping with four people, and Bianca would like to talk to other people; people who she hasn’t spoken to in forever, and new people as well. :3

The Little Dove of Florence

One slot to RP with Bianca is open.

If anyone wants to start a thread with me, please message me in my ask box. :)

Also understand that I won’t be here as often as I would like to because of reasons, so those who can wait one to two days for a reply would be appreciated. Don’t be afraid to ask me if you want to RP, I’m quite friendly and all bark and no bite. LOL

I’m still looking for people who would like to thread with Bianca.

I have 2 more slots open, so if you want to rp with me, please message me so we could plot.

And when I mean by thread, I mean constantly thread with her. I will understand if you can’t reply sometimes, because we all do have lives out of tumblr, so if you want to rp with Bianca, just gimme a holler via my ask box. :P


naughty mun is naughty shh


Leggi Tutto

I can’t wait for Christmas!

"I think I shall hold a party in my house on Christmas Eve, oh how lovely that would be!"

Strong Characters Does Not Mean Invincible Characters [Rant]


[[This was made because it is a trend I am noticing in seeing a slew of powerful characters who are never hurt, who have a bajillion powers, and honestly want to get in Countess’ business without plotting. However, I think this applies to a lot of people lately. Reblog if you like, I just want to get this off my chest.]]

Now, I know Countess is old as hell female which means over the centuries, she has become a strong female and with strong abilities. Nevertheless, I have given her limits. She is not going to reach to the far corners of the earth to listen to people or be able to kill 100 people in a night without tiring herself out. 

The same goes with if there are going to be any powerful characters interacting with her, please, do not assume I am going to adhere to your wishes if you want to spy on her, hit her, try to get her to be mentally tortured if there is a character with ability to run their fingernails on her brain to hurt her.


Because, it is a form of godmodding because plotting was not involved, not even a heads up.

Granted, I know Countess has done a few things without giving a heads up and for that I apologize. I try to plot with the individual or ask them if it is fine if she smacks them, hits them, etc. I have done a lot more asking and plotting, then I would do consideirng how Countess is violatile, but I do it because it is respectful. 

By you informing me you are going to hurt her and she can’t do anything about it, you are taking away my rights as a writer to write out how Countess is interacting with your character.’ Even more if you are a character from another fandom, universe, even an original and she has no idea about your head canons and history.

This has happened a lot with characters who are from certain tv shows, movies, books, who are hunters and who go after vampires. Yes, rock on with being a hunter, but do not begin a conversation with stabbing her in the neck or saying you are a powerful wizard who will remove Countess’ heart, mind, soul and make her your slave. Then the character keeps on trying to have it done or keeps pushing it even after Countess and I lost interest.

I have the right as any other writer to tell another writer: I know you are an evil and powerful monster/killer/vampire/ghost, but Countess and I are not going to be your next victim, meal, spirit to haunt, etc, without a heads up.

If you are fine with plotting great, but if you are determined to drive it on home, then we should go our separate ways. I have asked this a lot of writers who have virgin characters. She creeps on them, but then I ask if it is fine to maim, bite, kidnap, etc. If not, that is cool, if so, let us plot away.

Now, you can inform me I am bias, but my mythology of certain creatures dictates that the older a creature is, the more powerful they become; usually not the opposite or even the whole mixed blood with this creature, that creature, this, because to me combining a lot of DNA’s is going to have catastrophic results.

The fact Countess is more than four centuries old and my head canons, she is a powerful woman. However, she is not invincible and she is not bullet proof, as evidenced by her many scuffles with hunters, lions, spirits and humans.

She can be hurt and she can bleed; which makes her more real to me. Makes a “powerful” character be one with flaws. Not invincible and not someone who would end up grating on people’s nerves if Countess never got hurt, never even stubbed her toe.

I give Countess a chance to be flawed and I do not try to step on the toes of pushing her to conquer every character. 

I appreciate the same as well, and if you are someone who really cannot relent on wanting to stab her because you are a five year old vampire from Twilight hell bent on sucking her soul out, then please to the left, to the left. 

Everything you write in the box to the left.